Surrender to the Journey

Life is such a crazy, beautiful journey. Ups and downs, twists and turns – you never really know which way to go, but you know you have to keep moving in order to bring all your dreams into fruition. One important lesson I recently learned is to surrender to the journey. Hand yourself over to the universe and allow it to take its course. The bumps and all the shit along the way – all of it is essential to the process. How can you ever reach the top without experiencing everything that comes below it? This is something I am finally starting to understand.

I have always put a time clock on my career, declaring where I should be at a certain age, and the reality is, that’s just not how life works. Things never go the way we expect them to. The most important thing is to stay grounded and focused, and to quote my song Seasons Change, “I’ll keep fighting, hiking to the top…say a prayer and wish me luck! I will remain while the seasons change.” If you too have that burning desire in your heart and deep down to your bones, keep doing YOU and bring your dreams to life!

Join me in surrendering to this journey of life and in showing the world what you have to offer and who you really are. Life is too precious to be wasted. Things might not happen the way you expect or when you expect them but I promise with a little patience and a positive mindset you will get there. Just have a little faith and let the universe do its job!


Girl Crushing

As a singer-songwriter I feel it is essential to support other artists and to constantly be inspired by the music they are creating. When I do this I feel my creative juices running at a higher frequency. Listening to new music and falling in love with all different genres, voices and lyrics is something I love doing. This week I have a few new artists I feel incredibly inspired by and, ok fine, I’ll admit it – I’m super girl crushing over!

The first artist I would like to mention is Kelsey Karter. Kelsey is a soul-pop singer from New Zealand. When I listen to her songs I feel like I am listening to a modern Billie Holiday with a Janis Joplin attitude. The latest track she released that I am obsessing over is called “Too Many Hearts to Break.” From the lyrics to the 60’s video vibe it just all works. I have been super inspired by Kelsey. I can’t wait for her next single!

Another artist I’ve been moved by lately is Baby Raptors. Baby Raptors is a retro 80’s dance pop singer who is based in Brooklyn, like me! Hey, girl hey. Her songs are edgy, colorful and fun! All I do when I listen to her music is DANCE! I feel like I’ve stepped into 13 Going On 30 when Jennifer Garner is singing and dancing to “Love is a Battlefield”. The song I’ve been girl crushing over is called “Lostboi” which is a single off of her latest EP. Girl, keep doing you! I am totally digging it and feel super inspired after listening to your tracks.

The last, but certainly not least, artist I have been girl crushing over this week is LA based, Noir- pop singer- songwriter Maiah Manser. Her powerful songs send chills up your spine. I recently saw her live in New York City and I was beyond mesmerized. From her songwriting, to piano playing and passionate vocals I just loved the whole thing. I am super obsessed with two songs in particular off of her latest EP Second Skin titled “Top of My Lungs” and “Second Skin.” I know every lyric to those songs and just really love everything about her and her art.

My girl crushing this week was filled with super, badass artists who continue to inspire me every day. I hope you listen to their music, check out their videos and feel the same way as I do. Who runs the world? GIRLS and these are just a few who have inspired me this week.

Sleeping in on Mondays

Here I go! I’m not quite sure where I am going with this, but knew I had to start somewhere. My name is Theresa Heyer and I am a twenty four year old aspiring singer-songwriter who sometimes feels that the world is ending. I spend most of my time thinking and wondering, “Is this the right decision? Is this really want I want to be doing?” And the answer is YES!

There is nothing I love more then making music. My heart jumps and leaps and all that fun stuff when my song ideas come to life. So why am I saying all this?

Yeah, yeah, ok so you make music and you struggle, so what? That’s not the point I’m trying to make. What I’m trying to do is connect with others who are going through the same struggles as I am. I spend my weekends busting tables while my friends relax and get together due to the stressful demands of their 9-5 jobs. My friends, who are following their dreams which just so happens to fit into doing what everyone’s parents tell you you’re supposed to do, get up every morning and go to work. But what if you are one of the people who just can’t do this?

I try to fill my days as much as possible during the week, while working during the weekends and that happens to be my problem. I’m so worried I’m not doing enough during the week that I don’t take a moment to realize that I am not on the same schedule as everyone else. I use my days off during the week to make music, go to the studio, and take care of my mental and physical self.

It’s not wrong, nor does it mean I don’t work and I’m lazy. I am just on a different schedule. It’s ok to sleep in on Monday’s because I can’t sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays. It took me a while to come to this conclusion, but in doing so I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Constantly comparing myself to others can be quite exhausting.

At some point I have to allow myself to realize that is it ok to follow my passions, while everyone else also follows theirs. We are all on our own journeys and that’s what makes life rich, coming together and sharing our experiences. It is from this exchange that I feel I am continually learning and growing. These are the things that inspire me the most when it comes to writing music.

This brings me to a song that I’ve been working on for years called “Seasons Change.” Life is dynamic and we need those changes to prevent stagnation.

That’s why this Monday morning I allowed myself to sleep in. Waking up I felt refreshed and inspired ready to connect with others by starting this blog. And since it is a holiday, I hope you are all taking advantage of this opportunity to sleep in.