Surrender to the Journey

Life is such a crazy, beautiful journey. Ups and downs, twists and turns – you never really know which way to go, but you know you have to keep moving in order to bring all your dreams into fruition. One important lesson I recently learned is to surrender to the journey. Hand yourself over to the universe and allow it to take its course. The bumps and all the shit along the way – all of it is essential to the process. How can you ever reach the top without experiencing everything that comes below it? This is something I am finally starting to understand.

I have always put a time clock on my career, declaring where I should be at a certain age, and the reality is, that’s just not how life works. Things never go the way we expect them to. The most important thing is to stay grounded and focused, and to quote my song Seasons Change, “I’ll keep fighting, hiking to the top…say a prayer and wish me luck! I will remain while the seasons change.” If you too have that burning desire in your heart and deep down to your bones, keep doing YOU and bring your dreams to life!

Join me in surrendering to this journey of life and in showing the world what you have to offer and who you really are. Life is too precious to be wasted. Things might not happen the way you expect or when you expect them but I promise with a little patience and a positive mindset you will get there. Just have a little faith and let the universe do its job!


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